Oregon is a spectacular state to enjoy motorcycling, but danger awaits those who are unprepared. Riders in the Pacific Northwest face hazards similar to other regions – wild animals, slippery surfaces, changing weather – but also hazards that are more unique to the area. Unfortunately, a few fatal crash scenarios repeat themselves year after year: Running wide in a corner, Passing/overtaking, Rear-ending stopped […]

Check out this video from Icon. It was filmed entirely in Eastern Oregon. Who wants to go for a ride?

Thanks to Dakar Dave here is a site with all the restaurants in Stayton, OR. StaytonRestaurants.com For those of you who aren’t aware Stayton (and Sublimity) are quaint little towns close enough to Portland to be a nice half day ride with lunch in the middle. The main attraction out that way is highway 214 through Silver Falls State Park. Roads NW description […]

SUNDAY We woke up late again on Sunday. Like usual, neither of us was in a hurry. We understand riders who are going to cover hundreds of miles in a day, especially in hot weather, getting an early start, but that’s not what we are doing. Today looks to be about 250 miles. It was kind of depressing to realize […]

SATURDAY Camping in the Gorge…what a treat! We were “treated” to train horns throughout the night. The last one was especially slow moving, which meant we got to hear/feel it longer than the others! We finally got up, bright and early, except for the early part. Getting out of the tent at 9:00am was great. Wayne and I have figured […]

PLANNING Wayne and I looked forward to our short adventure. We planned a long weekend to cover a large section of the northeast quarter of Oregon. We have previously enjoyed rides throughout the scenic Willamette Valley, along the Pacific coastline, and over the Cascade Range into Central Oregon, but had not fully explored Northeast Oregon. We had plans to spend […]

 We just got back from pre-riding part of the Desert Tour. If you’ve never been to Eastern Oregon, you are really missing out. The traffic is almost nonexistent, the corners just keep on coming and the scenery is amazing.

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